Three unidentified person attacks a Russian couple in Koregaon Park.


Pune, Date- 04/07/2023 (PCB) – Three unknown persons came from behind and attacked a Russian couple who resided in Koregaon Park.

Shergi Alexander Eshan and wife Daria Eshan are the names of the couple who were attacked, police said.

The couple had gone on a walk with their dog on Saturday around 3am when they were attacked.

They were walking on Lane 3 of North Main Road in Koregaon Park when three accused came on a motorcycle and attacked Alexander with a sharp object in his head.

Alaxander was taken to the treatment for his injury and got four stitches on his head.

FIR has been registered in the Koregaon police station and the search for the accused is going on by the police by looking for the CCTV footage of that particular area.

They both have been living in Koregaon Park for a year and both are IT Professionals, police said.

There is no particular reason behind the attack and all the accused will be arrested soon’ police said.